12 old school money making hobbies

12 Old-School Money Making Hobbies That Are Still Effective

We all like to do interesting things in our spare time. With technological advancements, people have developed new hobbies like video streaming, gaming, chatting, etc. which are surely not the best way to use your time. Our elders used some of the methods which were not only great ways to smartly use your time but also help in making some extra money. Here are some old-school money making hobbies which are still very interesting and effective.


gardening money making hobbies

Gardening is one of the most soothing experiences one can ever have. Have ever picked a red ripe strawberry from your own garden? If not, you are seriously missing something. Try learning gardening skills This money making hobby can be helpful in cutting some expenses of your kitchen. You can grow your own chilly and Cilantro in a pot. Some of the plants are super easy to grow while some need skill. I know some of my friends who have scaled their gardens to the extent that they no longer buy vegetables from outside.

Keeping Pets​

keeping pet money making hobbies

Keeping pets is a great way to fill emotional gaps in our lives. Pets like dogs apart from being your buddy, can provide security in your home. Usually, you need to spend money on their care but do know you can make some money by keeping pets also? You can try opening a dedicated Instagram account and posting their photographs and videos. I have seen some crazy viral Instagram accounts out there. You can create blogs on them and also sell their photos in photo galleries.


cooking money making hobbies

If you consider cooking as a daily routine boring job, you might be making a mistake. Cooking can be an interesting and rewarding hobby. Try learning new techniques, cuisines, and recipes. Cooking can be easily linked with social media accounts, photography, food blogging, catering, etc. for monetization.

DIY Crafts​

DIY money making hobbies

Learning DIY crafts is an effective way to let your creativity out. This also helps you in gifting and also making crafts related to your children or your grandchildren & spending quality time with them. DIY crafts find their use in many areas like utility, gifting, toys, decors, etc. If you develop skills up to a certain level you can easily monetize it using online platforms.

Pottery Making​

pottery money making hobbies

Not very common in the United States but a very good and cheap way to use your spare time experimenting with clay. It needs some skill to start but you can easily learn it from YouTube and blogs. You can just make your own collection, or try gifting. There are many brands that have originated this way. So, don’t take it casually. Good skills in pottery making can pay you seriously high.


horticulture money making hobbies

You can start with a small indoor setup even with used utensils and containers. They are not only aesthetically appealing but reduce your stress. You try it with small herbs like mint, Tulsi, strawberries, etc.

Coin Collection​

coin collection money making hobby

Collecting coins connects you with chronology and history. You can consider numismatics if you are interested in collectibles. You can make albums of coins, paper money, and tokens. Are aware that old coins have their own market? Some rare coins can be sold at exceptionally high prices.

Pickle Making​

pickle money making hobbies

Just four simple ingredients to start with salt, vinegar, spices, and base fruit or vegetable. It could enjoyable activity especially if you want to do something indoors. It can be started with minimal effort and cost. This hobby can be clubbed with your gardening hobby. Try making some organic pickles. There is a great market for organic food nowadays, just you need is little interest and marketing.

Sewing and Knitting​

Though it may little boring for some people but its surely worth a try. This hobby can help you sew your own family members’ cloth thus helping you in saving money. You can work on your own new designs also.

Cycling and Walking​

cycling money making hobbies

Cycling and walking can not only provide recreation but are also beneficial for your health. It is also the cheapest form of travel and transport. You can simply go for sightseeing or an adventure ride. With advancements in technology, there are very advanced cycles available in the market with a battery backup of hours which has improved the cycling experience. When not in use you can consider renting your cycle also.

Learning Musical instruments​

Music can really calm down your nerves. Try spending your time learning musical instruments. There is a range of musical instruments out there from a small ukelele to a giant piano. For beginners, it is better to start with a keyboard because it’s one of the simplest musical instruments. Even if you develop an intermediate level of skills, you can start a musical class for children and earn some extra income.


fishing money making hobbies

If you are living near a coastal area or a river then taking some time out for fishing can help you make good friends and take some fresh air. Apart from being an excellent recreational activity, you can also make some really easy money with it. You can participate in competitions, teach fishing to children, or even try selling your catch being a beginner.

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