Investment Opportunity in Acrolein Industry

The acrolein industry as an investment opportunity

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    • What is acrolein?
    • Market size
    • Market Leaders of the Acrolein Industry
    • Production of Acrolein
    • Market Leaders in the Acrolein Industry

What is acrolein?

Acrolein is a poisonous chemical made by oxidizing propene. It is used as a biocide to control the growth of microorganisms, weeds, and rodents. It is clear, colorless, suffocating, water-soluble, and flammable. It can cause irritation to skin and mucous membranes and contacts can result in burns.



Uses of Acrolein

    • In the pesticide industry: It used as a weedicide, and pesticide, to control rodents, and contact herbicides to stop the growth of algae.

    • In the chemical industry: It is used as a raw material for methionine, methyl pyridines, and quinolines

    • It is also used as a fixative in electron microscopy.

    • In manufacturing of paints, adhesives, absorbents, and making acrylic acid.

The market size of the Acrolein industry

Global market size is valued at about 1500 million U.S. dollars as 2022 data. And expected to grow by 1.5 % CAGR.




Production of Acrolein

Asia Pacific region and U.S.A. are the market leaders in acrolein production. The U.S., Japan, and Europe are the largest producers. Production forecasting shows the U.S.A. will lead the market in the future. Due to the constantly growing plastic industry in China, it will be the largest importer. India imports heavily for paint and adhesive industry needs. Due to cheap labor costs, Indonesia has a huge potential for manufacturing industry growth and catering to the Asian market.




Market Leaders in the Acrolein Industry

    • Adisseco: US based established in 1939. Manufacturing locations in Europe, the USA, and China. Operation is spread worldwide.

    • BASF: A German company started in 1865. It is into petrochemical, intermediates manufacturing, dyes catalysts, etc. The business extends to the chemical industry, surface technology, agriculture, and nutrition,

    • Hubei Xinjing New Material Co., Ltd.: China-based established in 1998 it is into acrolein and pyrimidine manufacturing.

    • Hubei Shengling Technology Co., Ltd.: Chin based. produces medical intermediates, pesticides, and fine chemicals,

    • Arkema: France based established in 2004: into the production of coating solution adhesive, intermediates, and advanced materials.

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